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St’uxtéws Winter Carnival 2022

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We were so happy to join our partners at Bonaparte First Nation (St’uxtéws) on Family Day weekend for a Winter Carnival, which featured fun activities for families and children, including ice fishing, skating and tobogganing.
Kukwstsétsemc to our partners at St’uxtéws for creating and sharing this thoughtful and visually stunning video of the Winter Carnival.

National Agreements In Principle Q&A Session

By Videos

On December 31, 2021, the Caring Society, the Assembly of First Nations, and the Government of Canada signed two Agreements-in-Principle to end discrimination in the First Nations Child and Family Services program, and to compensate children and families for the harms they have suffered.

This Question and Answer session, the third in the series, was hosted by the Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Society. Visit for further information, resources, etc.