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Kinship Connections

“By creating lifelong connections, children and youth in care will be proud of who they are, who their families are, and where they come from.”

Kinship Connections refers to the caring, nurturing and protection by family when children cannot stay in their own home. It is our approach to planning for Aboriginal children and youth in both temporary and permanent care, as well as helping children and youth in-care create connections with extended family members, community and culture.

By maintaining family, culture and community ties, kinship care helps children and youth through the experience of being out of their parental home and is also less disruptive for children and youth.

What is Permanency Planning?

Permanency planning is finding legal out-of-care living arrangements for the children and youth in care, such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and other extended family.

What is the role of a Family Finder?

The Family Finder will complete an extensive search for the child or youth’s extended family, and begin connecting them back to their community and culture. The Family Finder will search for placements with extended family prior to the child entering care as well as finding placements for the children and youth who are currently in care.

What is the role of a Kinship Worker?

The kinship worker helps facilitate a relationship between the child and the extended family. The kinship worker is responsible for completing the home study and legal process for children moving to a permanent home. The kinship worker will attend meetings and facilitate communication between the family, child, community professionals and the social worker.

For more information on kinship connections, please call 250-314-9669.