About Us

Our Story and Mission

Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency

Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency (SCFSA) is responsible for the delivery of effective and efficient services that protect the rights of children, ensure their safety, and maintain their connection to family, culture and community.


SCFSA was incorporated under the Societies Act on April 28, 1999. The Chiefs of the seven bands of the Secwépemc Nation signed and agreed on the formation of the Agency to meet the needs of child protection in their communities. In the summer of 2008, SCFSA negotiated a contract with B.C.’s Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) to begin serving all non-Métis, Indigenous and Inuit people in the Kamloops area and the urban office was opened in August of 2008. Collaborative work and funding from both the Ministry of Children and Family Development and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada have made Secwépemc Child and Family a fully delegated organization.

Our Logo

Our logo is based on the legend of the sky people, the land people and the sea people. The sky people were said to be stealing children from the land people. As the guardians, the land people and sea people came together and started hiding their children under the turtle for protection.

Much like this legend, Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency protects the rights of children, ensures their safety, and maintains their connection to family, culture and community.

Designated Teams

SCFSA offers services and programs from two office locations within the Secwépemc territory. SCFSA collaborates with families and communities through designated teams to deliver programs and services as follows:

Family Preservation Teams: Our Family Preservation teams receive, assess, and respond to reports, both on and off reserve, as well as providing ongoing services through collaborative planning/decision-making with families and communities to identify existing signs of safety for the purposes of promoting the safety and well-being of children. Services are provided on both a voluntary and non-voluntary basis with the goal remaining that children will be able to remain with/return to their families and their communities.

Guardianship Team: Provides services on and off reserve for children and youth in continuing care. There is much effort and work towards connecting youth with numerous supports when they transition out of care to ensure they have the life skills they need to succeed.

Resources and Kinship Team: Find safe and suitable homes for children in care who for one reason or another cannot live with their parents. Kinship contributes to the planning for children and youth through identifying temporary out of care caregivers or permanent caregivers.

Wellness/Counselling Team: offers one to one, family and group counselling services, along with parent coaching programs. Wellness services can be provided in the home, daycare, school, community and at the Agency to ensure that children, youth, and families are being supported in the best way possible.

Cultural Integration and Community Engagement Team: Focuses on creating strong cultural and community connections for children and youth in care, through workshops, events, engagement and collaboration.