Cultural Integration

SCFSA believes that all children have the right to grow up connected to their culture. The Agency offers programming throughout the year that nurtures cultural identity development and provides a culturally safe space for learning to take place.

Cultural programs run on a regular basis, and also include seasonal workshops, some of which are:

  • Elkstwécw is our newest program offering. Pronounced “elks-t-wow-c” (with the “o” a longer “o”), it translates to “all work together” and is inspired by the times when we gather to hunt, berry-pick or fish, or when we have workshops, or when we come together for weddings, funerals and ceremonies.
  • Baby cradle and moss bag workshops
  • Food canning
  • Beading
  • Medicine gathering
  • Fishing workshops

For more information on cultural activities, please call 250-314-9669.

Teaching Our Language

To listen to our Welcome Song, please click here. To learn more of our Secwépemc language, click on the below resources:

Sqwentsín re Swelyén


Kukwstéc-kuc pyin te sitq’t,
We thank you for today,

Kukwstsétsemc re kweséltktns-kuc ell re stemtmémts-kuc.
We thank you for our families and our friends.

Kukwstéc-kuc te mesméscen̓s t̕ri7 te w7ec.
We thank you for all of the animals.

Kukwstéc-kuc te sq’ílyes ell te melámens.
We thank you for our sweathouse and medicines.

Tqeltkúkwpi7, Kukwstéc-kuc te sumécs ell te7 ségwses.
Creator, we thank you for our spirit and your light.

Knúcwente-kuc es xyémstem re kwell qelmúcws-kuc.
Help us to respect each other.

Knúcwente-kuc es knucwentwécws-kuc.
Help us to help each other.

Tqeltkúkwpi7, kukwstéc-kuc te xwexwéyt te stem.
Creator, we thank you for everything.

Yerí7s Tsukws.
That is all.