Our Programs

Secwepemc Child and Family Services provides services for the following seven Secwepemc communities: Cstalen (Adams Lake Band), Pelt’iq’t (Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band), Simpcw (North Thompson Indian Band), Ska’stin (Neskonlith Indian Band), Skeetchestn Indian Band, Stuctwewsemc (Bonaparte Indian Band) and Tk’emlups (Kamloops Indian moose50Band). Our agency is also responsible for the provision of some services to Aboriginal and Inuit families living within the Kamloops area.


Cultural Program

Remaining connected to Aboriginal culture is critical to Aboriginal peoples’ well-being. Our cultural programs are grounded in the traditions and beliefs of the Secwepemc people, but we also respect and acknowledge the beliefs of all peoples we serve who are residing on Secwepemc traditional territory. Our cultural programs change according to the season. We involve elders and community members in bringing our culture alive for children and families. Past cultural activities have included cradleboard making, drum making, art, Secwepemc language classes, Secwepemc songs and dances, sage and traditional food gathering, as well as many other activities. Our cultural program works collaboratively with our other programs provided to children and families.

To contact our Cultural Program Co-ordinator, call our office at 250-314-9669. Our current cultural programs will be listed each month on our website in the events section.


Family Services

Families can face a variety of challenges in meeting the physical and emotional needs of their children. Our case workers can provide direct assistance to families or provide referrals to other services in the community. Family, community, and fish50culture are emphasized in the process of providing short and long term supports to children, youth, and families. Assistance is provided based on the specific needs of a family.


Child Protection

Our agency is fully delegated to review, assess, and investigate reports of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children.

To report a child protection concern, call our office at 250-461-7237 and ask to speak to a screener Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. For the BC children/youth help line call 310-1234. If you are a parent or caregiver please call 1-800-663-9122.


Resources/ Foster Caregivers

Caregivers provide a safe and secure home for children, who, for one reason or another, cannot live with their families. Caregiver families receive financial support to assist in the provision of quality care to children and youth. The goal of care giving is for children to return home when their parents are able to care for them. More information for prospective or current caregivers can be found on this website.

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver, call our office 250-314-9669 and ask to speak to a duty resource worker.


Guardianship Services

Children and youth who are in continuing custody of the agency are provided with services through a guardianship worker. The guardianship worker ensures that planning for children and youth takes into account the specific needs of the child and prepares the child for either permanency or independence. Services are provided until a child or youth reaches the age of 19. After a youth leaves care, some services may be available to those who pursue post-secondary education or complete specific kinds of educational or other programs.

To contact a guardianship worker, call our office 250-314-9669 and ask to speak to a guardianship worker.


Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health

Secwepemc Child and Family Services provides Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health Services to children and youth experiencing mental health issues. Mental health issues can be at the root of acting out, depression or suicidal thoughts, quitting school, or using drugs and alcohol. Our programs are designed to take into account the traditional beliefs bear50of Aboriginal families, and are centred on the specific needs of each child or youth. Our clinicians also offer information, consultation, and training to other service providers working directly with the children and youth experiencing mental health issues.

To contact one of our mental health clinicians, call our office 250-314-9669 and ask to speak to a mental health clinician.


Infant Development/ Supported Child Development

The Infant Development Program serves children from birth to three years old, who are at risk for, or who already have a delay in development. They have skills and knowledge in child development, and can assist families to enhance their child’s development in these important years. An Infant Development Consultant may work directly with young children and their families or may make referrals to appropriate community services. The Supported Child Development program assists families of children with extra support needs.  This program works with families of children or youth up to the age of 19.

To contact the Infant Development/ Supported Child Development Program, call our office 250-314-9669, and ask to speak to one of our Infant Development Consultants.


Aboriginal Family Group Conferencing (Family Circles)

Aboriginal Family Group Conferencing is an effective process rooted in Aboriginal cultural beliefs that empowers families to take control of their futures. An Aboriginal Family Group Conference is a special meeting of parents, children, extended family and those that support the child and family. Aboriginal Family Group Conferences can help prevent children from being taken into foster care, or can help families, care providers, and others plan for children and youth.

To contact the Aboriginal Family Group Conference Co-ordinator, call our office at 250-314-9669.