Elders Group

A Traditional Secwepemc Prayer

Kukstéc-kuc Tqelt Kukpi7 t’e skectec kuc t’e tmicws-kuc.

We thank you Creator for giving us this beautiful earth.

Yucwminte xwexweyt t’e stem ne7elye ne tmicw.

Take care of everything on this earth.

Yucwminte r qelmucw, r mesmescen, r spipyuy’e, r sewellkwe, ell re stsillens-kuc.

Take care of the people, the animals, the birds, and our food.

Knucwete kuc es yegwyegwts-kuc.

Help us to be strong.

Kukstéc-kuc Tqelt Kikpi7 t’e skectec-kuc t’e xwexweyt t’e stem.

We thank you Creator for giving us everything that we need.

-Source Unknown